Qigong For Kids

A child’s emotional wellbeing is incredibly important and needs to be nurtured as much as their physical health.

However, children and adolescents sometimes find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time. Which means that wellness practices like meditation don’t always appeal. Qigong is mindfulness in motion, and all the benefits that come with meditating are felt, but through gentle movements. These benefits include calmness, relaxation, focus, concentration and motivation.

Qigong is a practice that helps children have more energy and a better quality of energy! By learning to circulate and balance the energy around their bodies, this can help with sports, schoolwork, friends and relationships.

In a typical Qigong class, children tap into their energy. Activating it with gentle movements, breathwork and intention. A combination of strength, flexibility, relaxation and flow.

They experience fun movements that relate to animals. Moves such as ‘Tiger Clears The Way’, ‘Baby Bird Learns to Fly’, ‘Monkey Picking Fruit’, ‘Big Bear Moves From Side to Side’. Other movements mirror nature, such as trees (‘Tree Sways in The Wind’) & water (‘Fountain’).

Qigong is so much more than a set of exercises. It is an attitude that encourages a positive outlook on life. Bringing harmony and equilibrium within ourselves and the world we live in.

There is no prerequisite for taking part in a Qigong class. Not even a keen interest in sports. I have worked with children aged 6-13 years and adults up to 83 years – Qigong really is for everyone!

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