The Magic of Qigong

“Qigong is a jewel that has many facets” – Ken Cohen

I’ve written at length about my love for Yoga and how it has helped me grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. I was practicing every day and had even considered becoming certified. But there was something holding me back. It was only when I discovered Qigong that I realised why I had waited…

I’ve often wondered where the path I have travelled in the last 3 years will take me. From removing alcohol from my life and embracing meditation; to becoming a certified Life Coach and then a Yoga Nidra Facilitator; and enjoying Kundalini Yoga and Osho Meditations; to developing my own kind of mindful movement, Shake & Flow.

I knew there would be more. I just didn’t know what. Until I met a lovely friend on a course last year and she told me about Qigong. I had already come across the name in the course we were doing (Embodied Yoga Principles). Also I heard that shaking featured in it (my favourite thing!). But that was it.

So, I decided to give it a go – and after just one session I was blown away! I felt physically stronger and mentally lighter but had barely moved my body. It was like magic! After a few months of personal practice, I noticed that I had so much more energy during the day. I also felt calm, relaxed and present throughout the day.

It reminds me a lot of Yoga Nidra. Except that Yoga Nidra is a stillness meditation and Qigong a movement meditation. It was so relaxing and took me deep into my awareness, just like Yoga Nidra. I felt able to make and respond to changes in my life. Sometimes without me even having to think about it, things just flowed naturally.

It felt as if I had been elevated to the next level of my personal and spiritual growth journey. Which is incredible!

For my personal practice I do Qigong now every day, either with Yoga Nidra Meditation or a Qigong Meditation. I still do Yoga several times a week. However, what I have found from developing Qigong is that my Yoga practice has deepened.

So, what exactly is Qigong? Qigong is an ancient health and wellness practice that dates back nearly 5000 years. It is one of the 5 branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi, also known as Chi, is life force energy, and gong means skill or work.

It is the art of effortless power and originated from watching and mirroring nature, including humans. Trees, animals, water, children are all able to naturally express energy and work with it in a skilful way.

We can tap into this power from within us by activating it with gentle movements, breathwork and intention. A combination of strength, flexibility, relaxation, and flow.

Here are a few of my favourite things about Qigong:

  1. When we activate our life force energy the mind body spirit connection becomes so powerful.
  2. The practice expands our awareness of what is inside of us and around us.
  3. Qigong helps us to respond rather than react to external situations that are beyond our control. And in turn tune into the power that we have inside of us to create our own life experiences.
  4. It can be practiced by anyone, at mostly any age, anywhere at any time. It is easily adapted to suit any physical conditions.
  5. Qigong compliments any fitness routine. It increases our energy levels, clears, and calms the mind, and warms up the body.

I am excited to share the magic of Qigong with you all. Try it for yourself with a 30 minute 1:1 online session.

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