Staying Calm Amidst The Surge

Staying Calm Amidst The Surge

Who else is feeling this power surge at the start of 2024?

It feels like everyone is in a rush to get somewhere. There is a sense of urgency in the air. As if we are rocket ships being launched into space. Where are we going?

When we rush we can miss the present moment. Accidents are more likely to happen as we are thinking about the next thing. I sliced my finger on a tin yesterday! Ouch!

There’s a sense of needing everything to be accomplished ‘now now now’.

How can we work with this strong energy? Rather than allowing it to overwhelm us? Amidst all this pushing forward here are 5 tips to bring you back into balance:

  1. Write down your intentions for the year then trust that what will be will be. I usually write down 4 each year then I look back on them nearer the end of the year to see how things turned out. Let’s trust that life will bring us what we need. Remember that sometimes not getting what we want can be a wonderful stroke of luck!
  2. Pause for a moment and look around you. Look back on the year gone by and how far you have come. Appreciate the journey and meet yourself where you are today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Right here, right now.
  3. When driving, listen to calming music. I notice the difference in how I feel on the roads when I listen to fast upbeat music compared to when I put on my soothing music.
  4. Add a little calmness to your usual exercise routine. Perhaps before starting a strong workout, do a few slow flows/breathing. My YouTube channel has short and long videos for movement and meditation. Click HERE
  5. Join my 6 Part Coaching Program “Balance & Elevate” – blending ancient methods with modern techniques you will feel balanced, harmonised, and elevated. Click HERE

Long-lasting fulfilment comes from the ability to cultivate our own inner peace and to trust the flow of life. Be gentle with yourself and enjoy your journey.

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