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Hi! My name is Amy, and I am a Movement & Meditation Coach.

Coaching through Mindful Movement and Meditation will help you tune into your awareness to embrace your uniqueness; connect deep within yourself to unlock your inner power; to feel empowered to make and respond to changes in your life and create your own story.

Since a life changing event in April 2019, I have been on a journey of discovery, acceptance, and expression. Leading me to become a facilitator and sounding board for others to go on their own self healing and discovery journey. I believe that movement and meditation are powerful tools for improving physical health, reducing stress, and cultivating a sense of inner peace.

I am certified as a Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Yoga Nidra Facilitator, Qigong Instructor, and OSHO Meditation Facilitator. I am also certified to bring Embodiment, Sound Bowl and Cacao Practices into my teachings.

I will guide and support you through life's challenges by using transformative techniques which help to reduce anxiety; improve relationships (with yourself and others); increase vitality; gain confidence; grow personally, professionally and spiritually. Become present with your essence, discover your unique energy and CELEBRATE!


When you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change" - Wayne Dyer

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I blog to share. I love to
write. It has helped me through some dark times and taken me into lighter times

Do you struggle to “fit in”? Do you sometimes think you are from another planet? Then welcome to the world of the misfits! What if you c

A child’s emotional wellbeing is incredibly important and needs to be nurtured as much as their physical health. However, children and ado

Inspirational words from wonderful clients


Every time I attend a session by you I feel like myself, it's almost like I get in touch with who I really am within. I feel the eternal soul within me, I tase the infinity and how we are limitless beings. Thank you, you are truly one of the few best meditation coaches I know.


Amy’s retreat was perfect. Better than I expected. It was transformative and relaxing. ~ Deep but not too intense ~ Packed full of physical, mental and spiritual activities but balanced enough for time to reflect ~ Personal and Personalised The food was delicious and the setting sublime; thank you Amy for such a wonderful time.


As a first timer to a wellness retreat I was a little nervous, however Amy was so welcoming, spent time explaining all the different activities the values and the meanings. I have never felt so recharged and had such a clear perspective. The food and the accommodation was fabulous and I have learnt so much to take home with me. I will def do this again! Xx


You helped me learn how not to give up on myself. Thank you for giving me the safe space to really feel things and process through those feelings. I see the differences between when I first came in and now. Thank you Amy.


Just wanted to share my experience after today’s Qigong session. I started my morning in a great relaxing way and I felt more energised throughout my entire day, plus the shaking method helped a lot with letting go of all of the tension and negative vibes! Can’t wait to join in some more more sessions.


I really enjoyed the meditation, thank you Amy! It was hard to feel those emotions but it also felt good to ‘get it out’.


My grandmother passed away in August and I don’t think I’d really grieved losing her. Not properly, at least. On some level, I couldn’t believe it had happened at all because I hadn’t been there. I had an Yoga Nidra Dyad with Amy a few weeks ago. With her patience and encouragement, I was able to release what I’d been holding on to and felt so much better for it. It was more than a guided meditation, it was more like a conversation between her and my higher self. If you’re looking for a way to become more aware of and in tune with your emotions, I’d highly recommend a session with Amy.


Thank you so much for my Yoga Nidra Dyad. I absolutely loved it. It cleared some much needed headspace, helped me focus on a decision I needed to make, and left me feeling wonderfully calm 😊 Thank you! X

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