Private Coaching

Private Coaching

A Private Coaching session with me is not your typical kind of coaching session!

Providing a safe and gentle space for you to share and reflect on your life, I tune into a number of different techniques that help you to connect to your inner power. From this place you will become aware of your true nature, and gain confidence to trust yourself.
The simple techniques are incredibly effective in helping the process of transformation and can bring about fresh perspectives, clarity, motivation, and “aha” moments. You may enter the session feeling like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. But you will leave feeling lighter and lighter each time.

These techniques include Embodiment Practices, Speaking Meditation, Energy Cleansing, Guidance Cards, sprinkled with traditional coaching exercises. 

This power is within us all. Embrace your uniqueness and let’s start this journey together.
Benefits of a Private Coaching Session include:
  • Unlock your inner wisdom, knowing and truth
  • Uncover & overcome blockages
  • Manifestation of goals
  • Balance your emotions
  • Achieve breakthrough moments quickly

Reclaim your power with a private coaching session

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