Balance program

Do you struggle with back pain and feel the need to be strong all the time?

Do you feel stressed, irritable, and frustrated? Is your menstrual cycle causing you concern?

Do you often get hurt and over excited? Is anxiety showing up for you more and more?

Do you worry a lot?
Feel tired and suffer with
digestive issues?

Are you your own worst critic?

If you answered yes to any of the above then Balance & Elevate is for you!

Bring balance into your life and discover how you can elevate your pathway with a 6 part Movement & Meditation Coaching Program “Balance & Elevate”.

Blending ancient methods with modern techniques you will gain a deep understanding of who you truly are and why you do the things
you do.

With this powerful set of tools, you will be able to respond to any situation, challenge, person from a place of conscious awareness.

Become balanced and elevated – the power is within you!

What Is Involved

What Is The Outcome

From your deep exploration into each of The Five Elements:

What Else?

At the end of the 6-part program:

  • You will feel your life is more in BALANCE.
  • You will have acquired skills to ELEVATE your life.
  • You will receive access to my YouTube channel with many videos to help maintain that balance and elevation.
  • You will receive 5×30 minutes 1:1 Online Maintenance Sessions at a 10% discount.
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Contact us for a free discovery call.

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