This New Lifestyle Suits You

This New Lifestyle Suits You

“You can change your life in an instant. You just have to make the decision to become it”

Dry January and Veganuary has come to an end. For all of those abstainers from alcohol, meat, fish and dairy, who are enjoying their new lifestyle and might be pondering whether to continue on this path, I’d like to share with you a few examples of how my lifestyle change has suited me:

  1. I’ve lost over 15kgs in weight, and am now maintaining a healthy weight.
  2. I feel physically and mentally fitter due to working out more regularly. I can even see my muscles now!
  3. I’m more able to deal with stressful situations. Don’t get me wrong, I still have to take a lot of deep breaths when faced with difficult situations, but I no longer drink or eat away my emotions. Instead, I face the problem head-on and look at things in a logical way.
  4. I’m much calmer and have discovered that Meditation can be a powerful tool in promoting a positive mind, body and soul.
  5. I’m a morning person now! Which means I’ve got so much more time to do things and I’m more productive. It’s also very special to experience a sunrise.
  6. My eyes sparkle. Not just from the lack of hangovers, but from being genuinely happy with my lifestyle.
  7. Going out for dinner in fancy restaurants got a whole lot cheaper! No meat or alcohol cuts the check by almost half.
  8. I dance and shake with more confidence! I always used to think that alcohol gave me confidence, but that’s absolutely not the case.

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