Why Fit In?

Why Fit In?

Do you struggle to “fit in”? Do you sometimes think you are from another planet? Then welcome to the world of the misfits!

What if you could accept your true self, find your voice, and celebrate being you?

From an early age I never felt like I truly “fitted in” anywhere. Going along with what other people wanted was commonplace in my life – from forming friendships based on others’ hobbies and interests to marrying young because my self-worth was so low. I never truly knew who I was.

Naturally shy yet full of energy and a zest for fun, I have always been torn between being introvert and extrovert, fire and earth, feminine and masculine, wanting to party versus wanting to stay in, bubbly yet awkward. Yin and Yang!

I now see so clearly that everything that occurs in our lives is our own authentic experience. We are all misfits in one way or another, yet we are conditioned to follow. A misfit doesn’t stand out from the crowd, they simply do not choose to follow the path that so many others are on. They choose their own path, meeting other misfits along the way, each walking towards the unknown. The difference is they might not know where they will end up – but that’s ok, because they are free from conformity.

You may think that you must fit in to be accepted in this world, but what if it’s awesome being a square peg in a round hole?

When we let go of who we thought we were supposed to be, we can become who we truly are and embrace our uniqueness. We can enjoy the magic that life has to offer. We can be brave in the face of challenges. We can allow the unknown to be a mystery. We can live a calm yet exciting life.

My name is Amy, and I am a misfit! Lovely to meet you 🙂

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