The Importance of Connection

“We are all connected to each other, in a circle, in a hoop that never ends” – Pocahontus

Out of the window I see planes either waiting to take off or coming into land. In under an hour, I shall be boarding one that will take me back to the place I currently call home, Dubai.

I’ve been away for exactly one month and during that time I have connected with a lot of people. People I know, people that I met and people that I passed in the streets and on the train platforms, people I sat near to in restaurants and trains. I’ve had more human contact in this month than I have since Covid hit.

Yes, there were times when I was anxious, especially when I stepped off a train at Waterloo Station and became very aware of all the people around me, who were not wearing masks. I sought refuge in a book shop and the smell of books grounded me immediately.

Then there were the special moments had with my family, and in particular my niece who I share a lovely bond with – we even hugged trees together! Before I left for the airport, I witnessed her do her first ever one-handed cartwheel. There was so much joy in her face for achieving this goal. It was amazing to be part of it.

Covid has certainly made us more cautious around other human beings, but it has also showed us that connection is so important. We missed seeing our family and friends, and some are still feeling the weight of this separation the longer it goes on for.

Returning to the UK after such a long time has showed me that certain friendships and connections last forever. I even went back to my home county of Essex after 11 years and loved it! It felt so familiar and when I met up with two old friends and then my Aunties I felt totally at ease, our connection instant and strong. It was a rejuvenating experience.

I am now back in Dubai and reconnecting with friends, colleagues, clients, and of course my cats. The cats act like I’ve been gone only for a few hours!

Here are 5 small ways to help feel connected during these unprecedented times:

  1. Video calling – or go old school and speak on the phone. Because I’d been in regular contact with people when I saw them it didn’t feel like I’d not seen them for almost 2 years.
  2. Social Media – yes it has its good and bad points but one of the best things about it is the ability to share what is happening in your lives – helping us to feel more connected with each other.
  3. Take care of an animal – pets can give us an incredible feeling of purpose. They can calm, heal, and make us not feel alone. Owning a pet (especially as an expat) is a big responsibility. Fostering can therefore be a great alternative.
  4. Join a community – this can be anything from doing courses that involve creating study groups with other participants, to starting a hobby and meeting new people.
  5. Stop procrastinating! We are the only thing getting in the way of making things happen for us. I ummed and ahhed about returning to the UK, but as soon as I stopped worrying about how I was going to get there and focused purely on being there, things started to fall into place.

If you are finding it difficult to connect with yourself and/or others, drop me a message to find out whether the tools I use in my Coaching Practice can help.

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