5 Small Ways to Help Increase Resilience

5 Small Ways to Help Increase Resilience

These are tough times for many, and it has been a real test of our inner strength. Here are 5 small ways to help increase your resilience:

  1. Be kind to yourself. Try not to be consumed by negative thoughts. Repeat an affirmation such as – I am stronger than my struggles / I will never give up / I am courageous. 
  2. Reframe the situation. Try to remember a time when you may have struggled before and overcome it. How did you feel when you got through it? Channel those feelings into your current struggles. 
  3. Make breathing your superpower. Start practicing simple breathing exercises e.g. whenever you’re feel overwhelmed, take some deep breaths, but start by breathing out slowly first, before breathing back in. 
  4. Grow through what you go through. There is a potential opportunity for growth in every circumstance. Discover yours. 
  5. Don’t suffer in silence. You do not have to carry burdens alone. There are some people, including me, offering their services at discounted rates during this time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

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