5 Small Ways to Help You Stay Positive

5 Small Ways to Help You Stay Positive

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

Being positive isn’t always easy and it is sometimes much easier to let negative thoughts run riot in our heads. But you can still be worried or sad and still be positive. Here are five small ways to help us to be kinder to our minds:

  1. Say a Silent Thank You for three things each day, either in the morning, when you wake up, or at the end of the day before going to bed. These three things can be anything from your family being safe and well to your local grocery store having your favourite food in stock and delivering them to your door. Also consider what you will be most grateful for when this is all over? Like going to the beach with your friends. By focusing our mind on gratitude, our perspective changes and a day that you might have thought was bad, might not actually have been as terrible as you first thought.
  2. Repeat a Positive Affirmation each day, as many times as needed. I like to do mine during my morning meditation. Positive affirmations are phrases or mantras that you repeat to yourself and can be an excellent tool in changing negative thought patterns into positive ones. You can’t create the life of someone you do not yet believe yourself to be, so start believing. The following examples can help you on your journey to become the change:
    I am doing my best
    I am proud of myself
    Today is going to be a great day
    I believe in myself
    I am worthy
    I am talented and intelligent
    I will not worry about the things I can’t control
    I will be kind to myself and to others today
    Everything is going to be ok

  3. Try a Plant-Based Food Dish, or Two. A great way to live healthy, feel more energised and to sparkle lots, is to include plant-based recipes into our diet. Check out my Instagram page for a few ideas.
  4.  Follow Three Inspirational Social Media Accounts. Social media, there’s no getting away from it, unless we delete all of our apps! Instead, why not try following three or more inspirational accounts that relate to your specific goals. These accounts can become powerful motivational tools, particularly as we tend to scroll through our social media feed an average of 153 minutes a day.
  5. Keep Smiling. When we smile, we release endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling to our bodies. Happy days!

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