Why Do I Love to Shake?

Why Do I Love to Shake?

Darling, don’t ever be too shy to dance your heart out” – Unknown

I’ve always been shy; the middle child of three girls, the other two both extremely confident. I also loved to dance and remember how we used to put on dance shows together, with my older sister leading the way, with me following and my younger sister doing her own thing. A clear indication of our personality traits!

I went to a dance class that was (according to my Dad) run by one of the dancers from Top of Pops, back in the day when dance troupes high-kicked their way through the Top 40. Sadly, I lacked confidence and flexibility, and was also a bit clumsy!

Being a teenager in the 1990’s, I embraced dance music with a passion and started clubbing as soon as I could get past the bouncers. On the dance floor I got lost in the music and felt totally free. I even had a nickname, “The Podium Pope.” My first trip away without the parents took me to Ibiza, which immediately became my spiritual home.

I also tried to DJ once, for about five minutes. I knew it wasn’t for me as I was way more interested in dancing than listening to when the next tune should be mixed-in! I had a lot less patience in those days.

Sadly, with Covid 19 causing huge restrictions on us, it seems that the clubbing world has been one of the worst affected. Who knows when it will be a part of our lives again…?

After finding inspiration from Kundalini Shaking, Osho Meditation, Dr Bradford Keeney, Kim Eng and others, “Let’s Shake & Flow” was born.

Shaking feels incredibly natural and I can’t stop smiling throughout the practice.

For me shaking is not only a chance to reenergise, reset and relax, but a way of letting my hair down and to have fun with others. Almost as if we’re all on the magical island of Ibiza together.

With our modern lifestyles of distraction and stagnation, finding “Me Time” can be difficult. That’s why a session of “Let’s Shake & Flow” is 30 minutes long. The playlists are an eclectic mix and I like to hunt for music that not only helps to activate the shake but also makes the Shakers smile, which they always do.

You can find me “Shaking” Online, and in person at Just Be Wellness Center.

I’d love for you to join a “Let’s Shake & Flow” session and if you have any questions, please do contact me.

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