5 Small Ways to Handle Uncertainty

5 Small Ways to Handle Uncertainty

Today is the same as any day, and it is uncertain, as we do not know what the future holds anyway.” 

The term “uncertain times” is being used a lot right now. I know I’ve used it! But when we stop and really think about it, life is full of uncertainties and change and we go along our journeys with that knowledge. 

Uncertainty is an emotion and feelings of being lost and overwhelmed can naturally be pretty high when experiencing a global pandemic! 

Here are five small ways to help handle uncertainty: 

  1. Sit with your feelings, acknowledge them, then let go of them. Cry, scream, shout if you want to. Or jump up and down and shake it all off!
  2. Develop coping skills that work for you. These can range from practicing breathing exercises and staying active to taking a break from social media or the news and drinking herbal tea. Whatever works, keep doing that.
  3. Make plans, but don’t feel you have to stick to them. Having a regular routine is incredibly helpful for our mindset. But it’s also ok to change your mind, especially during unsettled times. 
  4.  Try practicing mindfulness and being in the present moment. Check out my blog “5 Small Ways To Be Mindful” for some inspiration.
  5. Focus on the possibilities. Our circumstances can also create opportunities. Dear future, I am ready.

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