5 Small Ways Shaking Can Benefit Your Day

5 Small Ways Shaking Can Benefit Your Day

I absolutely love to Shake! Not only is it lots of fun, it also provides great wellness benefits, making it a fantastic self-care tool.

  1. Stress release – Shaking is our body’s natural response mechanism to release stress and tension, which works by resetting the muscles from a stuck state and releasing the energy stuck inside. We see this in wild animals who shake themselves as a reaction to a dangerous encounter.
  2. Empowerment – By setting our mind, body and soul free, we allow positive vibrations into our energy fields, which leaves us feeling empowered.
  3. Relaxing – in a Shaking session we loosen up our muscles, tendons and ligaments, which helps the body to feel totally relaxed.
  4. Energized – Shaking is a movement meditation and you can move as slow or fast as the body wants to, allowing energy to move through it.
  5. Joy – Shaking enhances our mood. It is difficult not to smile whilst “shaking your sillies out” and, when we smile, we feel joy.

If these benefits sound good to you please do contact me.

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