My 1st Wellness Retreat

My 1st Wellness Retreat

Last October (2019) I experienced my first wellness retreat called LiPHe (meaning life and balance), located in a natural and tranquil spot in Kfar Hitta, Lebanon.

My friend Mel arranged everything, as she knows Lebanon really well. I did absolutely zero organising, which is highly unusual for me and I did get a bit nervous when I realised that we were arriving in Lebanon just as the protests against the government had begun!

As the country went on strike, we ended up being the only guests at LiPHe. The retreat can accommodate up to eight people, as it has four eco lodges that each sleep two. So, even if it’s full I doubt it feels crowded.

LiPHe is run by twin sisters Samar and Amal. We were greeted by Samar on arrival and she immediately served us lunch of a sweet potato wrap with avocado. It was mouth-watering! We devoured these and took in the view from the living area of the mountains, which was breathtakingly gorgeous.

Our cabin was aptly named Serenity. It was a perfect size for two people and had a deck outside, where we sat out on to admire the sunset.

There was a pool, a studio and an infrared sauna. Herbal Teas were free flowing and the water high in alkaline. At one point we were shown how to make oat milk and I was surprised at how easy it was.

Each day we were treated to a yoga class and the teacher, was fantastic. We even learnt a new move, side ninja! We also had a go at Aqua gym, which was fun, but so tough! Especially when the instructor gave us the dumbbell floats to use. They just didn’t want to stay in the water, but I was determined not to be defeated by them and kept on going.

Each day we were given a different coloured juice as a snack. Each one tasted delicious, and Samar explained to us how to juice. I became fan! Our meals were surprisingly tasty, with not a piece of meat, fish or cheese in sight, and huge portions. There was no need to bring the secret stash of chocolate after all!

Every evening after dinner we snuggled under blankets on the sofas (as it was just Mel and I we each got a sofa each) and watched documentaries of our choice. The moment I watched The Shift with Dr Wayne Dyer was incredibly special. We also learnt a lot about sugar (fructose), alkaline and acid. I had absolutely no idea that so much of what I eat is so acidic!

Once we returned home, I was keen to continue living well. What I never expected was quite how much of an impact the wellness retreat was going to have on me.

  • I am now totally plant powered.
  • I changed my career.

LiPHe was, for me, was life changing!

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