My Cacao Ceremony Experience

My Cacao Ceremony Experience

In July I went to my first Cacao Ceremony. I had absolutely no idea what to expect other that it involved drinking raw chocolate, and I love chocolate!

The first thing we were told by the lovely Natalia is that we sadly couldn’t sit in a circle due to the Covid-19 regulations so it was going to be a different experience. However, as I had nothing to compare it to, I was unconcerned by this news.

She then explained a little about Cacao and invited us to set an intention of what we wanted to let go of, clear or allow in, whilst she prepared the drink, which was then offered to us in small cups. I drank half the cup. It was warm and thick, and was mixed with sweetener and chilli. It didn’t taste bad, but didn’t taste great either!

We were then told to get up on our feet and move to the music, allowing the movements to happen naturally and not to think about it. It reminded me of shaking and I danced like no one was watching.

Natalia then took us on a journey with music through all of the elements. For fire, I shook and waved my hands above my head. Air was more flow-like movements, blowing out breaths through my mouth like the wind. Next came Earth, where we were asked to give ourselves a big hug with our feet planted firmly on the ground. I stood absolutely still and didn’t move throughout the entire track. A very unusual thing for me to do as I love to dance! Finally, we laid down on our mats and moved our arms and legs in a motion that mimicked a wave to represent the element of water.

After that it’s a bit of a blur, as we fell into a deep meditation. What I do remember is that my face felt a bit itchy and I saw a vision of my Mum (who is sadly no longer with us) at one-point smiling at me.

At the end we sang along to a mantra, then got up on our feet for a ‘Thank You’ dance, whilst Natalia went around with scents that she sprayed on each of us.

I left feeling euphoric, light and happy. That night I dreamt of my Mum.

After my mystical first experience I decided to go again the following month, to see if this had just been a one-off or not.

Everything about this ceremony was different. It was held on 8th August (8:8), an important date of the year, which is known as Lion’s Gate.

This time we took our time savouring the cacao, blowing air on it to set our intentions (and cool it down), inhaling the aroma before slowly drinking it. I drank the whole cup!

We then went straight into a movement where we had our arms in front of our heart, hands into a mudra and we circled each hand around the other as fast as we possibly could. Which is easier said than done! It took me ages to get over my concern for the noise my healing bracelets were making, but once I did, I really went for it but kept bashing my hands into each other. It was quite funny!

The atmosphere became quite emotionally charged after that, as we ventured deep into our hearts to repeat forgiveness mantras.

We then sat in stillness and were guided through a meditation that involved visualising holding a bright golden ball that grew all around us. It was so beautiful as I felt the ball expand in front of me.

After that we laid down for a dolphin meditation, which involved the slow movement of our heads from side to side and our arms up and down. All of a sudden, a gong vibrated through me, it felt quite dramatic and I was transported to my inner world where it felt like I was looking at myself with my own eyes! It was bizarrely fun – almost like watching a TV show with my eyes closed.

We finished with the ‘Thank You’ dance and yet again I left feeling wonderfully light and free.

I don’t know if I’ve described this remarkable event that well and I’ve probably missed out parts.
I don’t know if reading this will make anyone want to give it a go.
What I do know is that I’ll definitely be back.
Maybe I’ll see you there ?

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