Kid’s Yoga and Let’s Shake by Trance Yoga

Like a Japanese saying, “To bend a bamboo, start when it’s a shoot.” Similarly, the best time to start to build and shape a brighter, stronger, confident future is when they are still young. In addition, kid’s consciousness and their attention to detail at this age are high as they are still learning.

Yoga can help make your child grow more bold, confident, balanced, focused, and active throughout their life – physically, mentally, and emotionally. With yoga we are giving them the ultimate tool to continue their journey with a greater knowledge and understanding of themselves.

Our Kid’s Yoga sessions are combined with a new way for kids to move, which can help them to develop their creativity, by letting their imaginations run wild.

Called Let’s Shake, there is no routine or choreography, so your child has the freedom to move however they want to, without any worries about getting the steps wrong! They simply shake, jump, twist and twirl and laugh out loud to the music.

There are happy faces all round during Kid’s Yoga & Let’s Shake. An instant mood-lifter that makes everyone feel good.

Benefits of Kid’s Yoga & Let’s Shake include:
• Develops self-awareness
• Manages stress
• Gain understanding of body and mind
• Maintains weight
• Builds concentration
• Builds strength
• Increases confidence
• Enhances memory
• Improves breathing
• Improves mood and cognitive functioning
• Promotes better posture

Trance Yoga also offer Prenatal Yoga classes, which celebrate all of the stages of pregnancy, creating a positive space for you and your baby, whilst helping to build a mindful connection. Along with Postnatal Yoga classes, which aim is to provide techniques and practices to support the body to regain, realign, restructure, and rebalance itself after pregnancy.

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