Unleash Your Vibe

“Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished” – Lao Tzu

Watching the waves swim back and forth, creating fresh energy with each break on the shore, it’s hard to believe that before going to the Seychelles I was feeling quite confused.

A strong feeling had been rising inside of me that a turning point was fast approaching in my life and decisions needed to be made about where I am heading.

Also, my energy was starting to feel a bit off (picking up lots from others around me) and I knew that I needed something, but I wasn’t quite sure what…

I’ve been asking myself the age old question – who am I? I know with absolute certainty that all I want to do is to help others help themselves. By sharing everything I’ve learnt that has helped me make changes, accept who I am, and ultimately love who I am (and continue to learn!).

But at the same time I’ve struggled with self worth and not being good enough for my entire life.

But being here on this island I’ve surrendered to complete healing (I even pulled this card this morning!).

From swimming in the rain, and seeing rainbows appear over mountains, to meditating in a forest under an ancient tree. I’ve truly felt the connection with nature’s energy.

What I do know for sure is that I when I let go and clear my mind I remember that I am ultimately a being of love and light with a little bit darkness hovering in the background, just to spice things up a bit! Yin and Yang. One is needed for the other to exist.

I keep seeing the slogan “unleash your vibe” around the island. Maybe it’s time to unleash yours 💖

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