Let’s Talk About EYP

“You can’t start the next chapter of your life, if you keep re-reading the last one” – Unknown

What is EYP?
EYP, or Embodied Yoga Principles, is a set of postures used to gain insights into ourselves and our habitual behavioural patterns. Tools that can be used in life to instantly change our state of mind – e.g. from nervous to confident – and to develop a way of being – e.g. from being reserved to assertive. EYP can therefore support you in your personal and professional life, as a transformational tool.

How do you use EYP?
As a Change Coach, I use EYP as part of my coaching practice. The postures are simple, practical and non-athletic. The idea is to feel into the pose and embody it, rather than to strain your muscles. During a session we might use 1-3 postures, depending on the situation. The key to transformation using EYP is to embody the pose in such a way that you become the change.

Here are 5 ways that EYP can benefit you:

  1. Getting to know yourself quickly and deeply. With EYP the body is used as a source of wisdom, which often offers clear insights. Making it less necessary to think or talk endlessly about things.
  2. It creates awareness by revealing behavioural patterns. We can go through life having no idea that perhaps we are an ‘over-giver’, a ‘people-pleaser’, or maybe a bit controlling or ‘pushy’. We might use laughter as a defence mechanism, or be overly critical of ourselves, without even knowing it. However, by practicing EYP poses, realisations are made.
  3. As a personal growth tool. Once we discover that we act in a certain way (and when), or that there are things that might benefit us but that we are not doing, we can make the choice to enact change, by practicing certain poses to build them into our life.
  4. Activating a state in the body – e.g. getting rid of pre-meeting nerves by creating a feeling of authority, or shifting from feeling tired and unmotivated, to enthusiastic.
  5. It has an instant effect. Where other practices may not have brought about the change that you wanted, an EYP pose can work in moments.

For a deeper conversation about how EYP might be able to help you in your life, contact me to arrange a free consultation.

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