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I met Leila a year ago. She attended a few of my classes at the wellness centre I was working at. We instantly connected. We caught up with each other a few months later, and I discovered that she’d been on a beautiful journey of discovery.

  1. Tell us about your journey to where you are today?

After years of working in the corporate aviation sales fast paced life, along with two years of trying to establish my own business, I felt burnt out and exhausted. Despite having a successful life I had this emptiness inside of me. So I sold my business in 2017. I went on a trip to Bali for a yoga retreat. Which is where my self discovery and spiritual journey started. This led me to living a life of intention, and seeking a fulfilling purpose with passion.

2. What inspired you to become a Reconnective Healer? And what is it all about?

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember that whenever a family member was sick, I felt their pain. I had this overwhelming feeling to make them feel better. I would pray on a glass of water and give it to them I had a deeper sense of knowing that would heal them , so last year my mother in law who was recovering from Ischemic stroke which affected the left side of her body and was feeling weak , she lost strength and use of her left hand.

We tried homeopathy medicine and we were in search of anything that could help her regain her body strength, it was the same time I was continually seeking and asking what my calling was and I was led to synchronicities of finding Reconnective healing. I watched a webinar that explained more about it. Then a week later the practitioner who was in India came to Dubai and I met with her and did a healing of my own to experience it.

It was a phenomenal experience. I felt the energies and this indescribable feeling of love and oneness. Seeing bright lights after the healing, I remember feeling peaceful and at ease. Viewing my life happening for me, it was beautiful. Feeling and sensing the beauty of life.

I knew I wanted to learn more about reconnective healing energy and I did the training in Zagreb Croatia and became a Reconnective healing foundational practiotioner. During and after my trainings I started doing the healings on my mother in law and also after she always felt ease and joy. With her prolonged case of illness I am still doing the healings for her and I do believe that the healing is taking place and will help her regain her strength soon.

Reconnective healing energy is a return to wholeness and optimal wellbeing , the energy frequencies are the life force energy, you may call it source, universe,God ,love, whatever you resonate with

The energy frequencies go where needed. It’s beyond healing. It’s a return to wholeness

3. Tell us a little more about the free event.

Flow and connect is a cocreation with beautiful souls. It is a soul inspired event inspired from the heart and soul, especially at this time as we go through this evolution time. Our contribution to the collective unity consciousness. is this Conscious Movement, with Yoga Nidra relaxation and ending it with a Reconnective healing energy which we believe will be powerful and will help souls discover their true self and being

4. What are some of the benefits of attending this event?

You will feel ease, relaxation, joy, peace and sense of self connection. It is our hope that you find a piece of your inner self. Carrying you to your own path of truth and a deeper knowing

5. Tell us something about yourself that no one would ever guess?

I am a Somali origin, people always confuse my origin.

For more details of our free online event happening on Saturday 6th November, click here.

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