Moving from Inspiration to Action

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin” – Tony Robbins

Have you ever had a light bulb moment? Where you suddenly feel totally inspired to do something in your life or career? What did you do afterwards? Did you respond to the call to action that arose from within? Or did you, as we so often do, allow the self-doubt and fears to creep in and talk yourself out of this great idea?

It’s hard to be genuine about taking action when doubt comes along and changes our perceptions of who we are. So, what does it take to move people from inspiration to action?

I’ve always found in life that once the decision is made to make a change, whatever it may be, things get a little easier. It’s the “umming and ahhing” before making a change that can stop us from actioning it. My father-in-law says, “There is no such thing as a wrong decision, only an indecision”.

Here are 5 small ways to help to move from inspiration to action:

  1. Know that inspiration can come from anywhere – even from watching the tv! I was on a plane. I’d been listening to a podcast by Dr Chaterjee with Kitten TV playing in the background. Then I decided to listen to The Greatest Showman soundtrack and when the song “Come Alive” started to play, I wanted to jump up and dance in the aisle of the plane. I was so happy in that very moment. It was on that flight I made the decision to change my career path and move into coaching.
  2. “Get your ducks in a row” – An ex-boss told me this once when I was discussing moving to Dubai. The premise being, don’t go rushing into things excitedly and headfirst, something I used to do often. Get an action plan together and put a strategy in place first.
  3. Do your research – Whenever I travel abroad, I always research the place I plan to visit first. Before coming to Dubai, I read as many books and articles as possible on living here. When I stopped drinking alcohol, I researched the effects and followed lots of Instagram accounts relating to the subject. Even when I decided to become a coach, I took a long time reviewing all of the different types of training courses available. It’s so simple to research any topic nowadays, so there is no excuse!
  4. Listen to your “gut feelings” – What does your intuition say about making the change? Take a moment, sit quietly, put both hands on your heart, breathe in and out slowly and deeply. Ask yourself the question – “What I do I really want in my life?”
  5. Check your support system – Getting inspired is one thing, but without the support either from friends, loved ones, or a professional coach, to make the change you want to see in your life, moving forward can seem an impossible task.

If you’d like support and guidance on moving from inspiration to action, please do contact me for a free consultation.

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