Living in Abundance

Living in Abundance

“Abundance is not something we acquire it is something we tune into.” – Wayne Dyer

I recall sitting on a beach in January 2020 for a sunrise meditation with a small group of meditators. The teacher asked us all “what do we want from 2020?” My response was “abundance”. To be honest, I had no real clue as to what this meant, only that it felt like something positive to focus on. Plus, it sounds pretty spiritual, doesn’t it? There were lots of nods in agreement, so I guess others felt the same way.

Eighteen months later and I genuinely feel that I am living in abundance.

So, what is abundance? And how do we create it? According to Oxford Languages, abundance means ‘a very large quantity of something’. To many this could instantly bring to mind money (when you enter the word ‘abundance’ into Google search many definitions include ‘to have wealth’). Whilst to others it can mean to have good health, more time, a positive mindset and enjoyment of life.

Because in reality, ‘abundance’ is a state of mind. When we live with an abundant mindset, we stop feeling like we don’t have enough, and we start appreciating all that we do have.

An example of this is when I once owned a large house in a town where I hadn’t wanted to live in. At the time I had a career, a steady income and a husband. From an outsider’s point of view, “I had it all”. What people didn’t know was that, whilst living in a 4-bedroom house, I was sometimes scraping together coins out of a jar to buy the weekly shopping. We had bought a house far beyond our means that we didn’t need, and the struggle to maintain it was very real. The thing is, I would have been happy in a smaller house in a different town.

Eventually I did move to a smaller house in a different town, but without the husband. I left with barely any money or possessions, other than my two cats. And I felt so happy. To be somewhere of my own choosing with the cats was all that mattered to me. I didn’t know then, what I know now, that by choosing to appreciate what I had and accepting what I truly only needed, (and even though it included overcoming tough obstacles) my life was abundant.

To create abundance, we must first ‘tune into’ the tools already inside of us – as the late great Wayne Dyer once said.

Our bodies are full of energy. Every thought, feeling and emotion is energy. Therefore, where energy goes, abundance flows. By tuning into our energy, we can learn to direct this into obtaining an abundant mindset. One that doesn’t feel that it is lacking anything, but that is plentiful.

Join me on Wednesday 9th June for “Let’s Shake and Flow into Abundance”. Featuring a special “Receiving Abundance” Yoga Nidra Meditation, at Just Be Wellbeing Center.

Wake up your energy with this conscious movement meditation and learn to direct the flow into abundance. Not only will you visualise abundance in your life, but you will also feel yourself living an abundant life.

Contact me for further details.

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