Embracing Our Sensitivity

Embracing Our Sensitivity

“Your beauty is in your sensitivity. Don’t let anyone take it from you.” – Yasmin Mogahed

I am sensitive. Always have been, always will be. Growing up I was the one who would cry at anything and everything. If I felt overwhelmed dealing with a difficult situation the tears would start to flow like Niagara Falls! It was my go-to response mechanism to stress.

Unfortunately, I used to think this was a weakness and I was often called out for being over-sensitive. Which meant I was then unsure as to whether the situation was as bad as I first thought it was. Which in turn lead to me questioning myself a lot.

Now I realise that sensitivity can actually be a great power tool. The benefits of feeling emotions as soon as they arise and then releasing them in a way, such as crying, means you are able to move on from a situation a lot easier than if the emotions are stuck inside of the body.

Only last week I burst into tears when my husband and I were told quite categorically no to a request that would help us finalise the purchase of a property that has been ongoing for over a year. It felt like the final straw at the time and the crying started. The “no” man didn’t know what to do!

In the past I would have apoligised continually and felt like a fool. But I didn’t this time, because I knew it was going to happen if things didn’t go the way I hoped. And once the tears stopped, I was able to handle the situation and come up with an alternative solution.

We need to stop getting embarrassed for feeling and expressing our sensitivity. Caring about things so much is not a weakness. It’s a secret power!

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