5 Small Ways to Handle a Job Interview

5 Small Ways to Handle a Job Interview

I will prepare and some day my chance will come” – Abraham Lincoln

You’ve just received news that you have reached the interview stage for a job. You get excited, then the nerves hit and the doubts start to creep in – how will I cope with the interview? Will I be able to show them what I’m capable of? The last interview I had went so badly – what if this one goes the same way?

Having worked in a corporate environment for many years, including four years in the recruitment industry, I’ve seen first hand what interviewers are looking for from their candidates. Since becoming a Change Coach, I’ve acquired a number of useful tools that can help shift states, change perspectives and increase awareness of ourselves and others.

I’d like to share 5 small ways to help you through a job interview:

  1. Be prepared – obtain and read the job description thoroughly, check out the company website, check resources to keep up to date with any news relating to the company or its sector – LinkedIn, Industry Publications, Blogs.
  2. Be ready to talk – a candidate is expected to talk in an interview around 75% of the time. Prepare for questions other than the standard ones about experience etc, and use examples wherever possible.
  3. Go into every interview as if it is a brand new experience – If your last interview didn’t go as well as you hoped, reflect on it and learn from it, but then forget about it. Don’t judge yourself or others on past experiences.
  4. Self regulate to keep calm – meditate, breathe, sleep well the night before. One of my favourite Yoga Nidra meditations guides you into a visualization for achieving your goals. Imagine already having your dream job! To our minds seeing really is believing. Click here for details of my next Yoga Nidra for Goal Accomplishments Meditation.
  5. Shift your state of being – Do you get so nervous that you forget everything you wanted to say? Show up as you truly are and what you are able to give to the job with confidence using embodiment practices. When we think, feel and act in the way we want to be – we are embodied.

If you’d like some support and guidance when going for a job interview or indeed any career related concerns, contact me to arrange a free consultation.

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