Wear Your Vision

Wear Your Vision

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been into vision boards, mainly because I don’t have an arty streak and imagine they would end up looking like a horror story rather than a vision of my dream life!

If you’re not familiar with a vision board, it is a collage made by hand, by cutting out pictures from lots of different magazines, that represent what you want in life. Choosing images that speak to your heart.

The board symbolises your goals and aspirations and it’s aim is to keep you motivated to achieve them.

It is recommended to put the board near the bed. By having the board here it is more likely to make a stronger impression on our sub conscious and a person is more likely to act on things when there is a trigger that reminds them to do it at the time.

So, if you’re not a vision board person, how else can you manifest your destiny?

How about wearing your vision? Get tops / T-shirts printed with images / words or be inspired by the clothing that makes you smile. What a fun way to be triggered into action!

Hubby has a habit of choosing T-shirts with a VW Van on it. Inadvertently manifesting our dream of one day owning one and travelling the world in it.

For me the clothing I now wear feels truly like me. I’m a Tie-Dye Top, Thai Pants, Flowery Dress wearing Hippy Chick and loving it.

We don’t need to follow a trend when it comes to what we wear. Let’s wear our vision of who we are and what we want to make happen in our own lives.

Maybe one small way you can start to become the change is by wearing it.

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